Hamilton House Museum

Hamilton House Museum 5

Welcome to the Hamilton-Van Wagoner Museum. We hope to give you a stimulating look into the past. The way back in time and place – not only to see, but to feel what our ancestors lived. The museum reflects the growth of our country with all courage, imagination and strength. …

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Loft House To Gain More Floor Space

Loft House To Gain More Floor Space 3

The limit is the ceiling, because high ceilings meet compact floor plans. The houses shown in this post have sacrificed part of their impressive height for the appeal of more usable square images – and the results are quite pleasant to praise. Many of these interiors use the traditional method …

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The History of Villa Leopolda

The History of Villa Leopolda 6

Although it was once a much larger palace, it is now owned by King Leopold II of Belgium (1835 – 1909), from which the villa is now named. He gave the area to his lover, Branch Geria Josephine Drakova (1883-1948). King was 65 when he met 16-year-old Branch in Paris. …

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The One House Luxurious Bel Air

The One House Luxurious Bel Air 1

The most expensive property in the United States recently sold for a “bargain” price of $ 141 million (approximately A $ 193 million), previously worth about $ 500 million. The mega-castle “The One”, which covers almost 10,000 square meters and was designed to have 21 bedrooms, 49 bathrooms and is …

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How to Hunting Section 8 Apartments

How Old Is This Old House 1

Finding apartments according to § 8 for rent can make the complex search even more difficult. As many as 2 million families live in Section 8 subsidized housing units, and most of these families earn less than $ 20,000 a year. Knowing the rules of the program will help you …

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How Old Is This Old House

How Old Is This Old House 3

How old is this old house? Real estate records do not date long enough to date some houses. But experts can determine the age of the house by studying the patterns of wooden rings of the house. When a real estate agent first guided Ian Stewart down an old salt …

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Private Landlords Property Marketplaces and Portals

Private Landlords Property Marketplaces and Portals 5

Many people decide that they want to rent through a private landlord because they are no longer tired of paying an expensive fee for a licensing agent, which in 2016 costs an average rent between £ 223 – £ 500. Tenants from the US, whose hourly rent they do not …

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Lakehouse Features

Lakehouse Features 7

Meet the three Airbnb apricots – all swimming on the water – that offer quick access to hiking trails, good swimming and boating, and maybe one or two observations. Ogle with volcanic views of the dream modern casino in Guatemala; dive into the irreplaceable glacial pond in New Hampshire; or …

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Pent House : Pros and Cons of Living in a Penthouse

Pent House Pros and Cons of Living in a Penthouse 1

What’s in the penthouse? The penthouse is a spacious and well-equipped apartment, which is traditionally located on the upper floor of an apartment, flat or hotel. Today, the term is used by real estate agents to refer to any unit that has a much more spacious and luxurious floor plan …

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Elon Musk House He Lives in a $50,000 House

elon musk house 7

When Time magazine named Ilan Mask “Person of the Year” last week, it painted a Spartan image of his living conditions. The play began: “The richest man within the world has no home.”   The magazine repeats what became an essential element of Mr. Public’s personality. Musk. Since last year, …

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