Elon Musk House He Lives in a $50,000 House

When Time magazine named Ilan Mask “Person of the Year” last week, it painted a Spartan image of his living conditions. The play began: “The richest man within the world has no home.”


The magazine repeats what became an essential element of Mr. Public’s personality. Musk. Since last year, when billionaire Tesla Inc. and the CEO of SpaceX announced that he was “selling almost all his physical assets” in an effort to simplify his life, sir. Musk described himself several times as a man of mild taste.

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“My main house is literally ~ 50,000 the house in Boca Chica / Starbase that I rented from SpaceX,” he wrote on Twitter in June, referring to a city in Texas near the Mexican border near the SpaceX rocket launch facility. “Even though it’s weird.”

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What the Lord did not say. Musk, and some people know, also lived for nearly a year on a waterfront homestead in Austin owned by a wealthy friend named “Kenny,” say people familiar with the thing – a house so expensive it was the most expensive. mentioned in the capital Texas when it was sold a few years ago.

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Mr. Musk also worked with a number of real estate agents to show him the Austin headquarters to buy – and traveled to some homes in person, some people said.

Austin’s house, where Mr. Muska is owned by Ken Howery, a billionaire himself who Musk for decades. Stay Mr. Musk is so mysterious that some of Mr. Musk’s friends. Howery said they didn’t know about the scheme.

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Mr. Co-founder of Howery PayPal Holdings Inc. – You are Mr. Musk was a director at the beginning of his career – and later with renowned investor Peter Thiel, co-founder of Founders Fund, a venture capital fund that some of Mr. Musk’s company.

These three men are considered part of the so-called “PayPal Mafia”, a group of former entrepreneurs who continue to thrive in business. In 2017, Mr. Musk tweeted that he was waving at a party attended by actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Orlando Bloom to greet Mr. Howery.

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Mr. Howery served as US ambassador to Sweden during the last half of the Trump administration. Since the end of his term, Mr. Howery travels the world, including tornado hunting and other severe weather events as hobbies, people who know him say.

This makes his house available to Mr. Musk, who said he was moving to Texas last year. Earlier this year, he moved Tesla’s headquarters outside of Austin.


The property covers nearly 8,000 square feet of interior space on the peninsula, which flows along the Colorado River at the foot of Mount Bonnell in exclusive Austin, according to property records. It has a waterfront pool, jacuzzi and private boat slide and is protected by several sets of gates and a watchtower as part of a construction called the “Watersedge”.

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The house sold for more than $ 12 million in 2018; Realtors say they will now sell a lot, reflecting the city’s growing real estate market. It is not clear whether the master paid. Mr. Musk. Corner for living. Mr. Musk is worth about $ 240 billion. No one responded to the request for comment.


After commercial enterprise this story, Mr. Howery aforementioned in an exceedingly text message: “Elon does not board my house, he lives in South Texas. generally he stays home as my guest once he travels to Austin.”

Mr. Even once the story was printed, Musk told business executive, “I do not live there and i am not trying to shop for a house somewhere.” In response to a link to the present story, he tweeted, “But what color ar pillowcases? we’d like to understand these necessary details !!” and “I guess i might need to live somewhere,” add a couple of emoticons.

Long keep Mr. Musk’s house in Austin, likewise as his current explore for exhibition property within the space, complicates the account he has created. a couple of years later, he slept quickly with a white pillow-free pillow on the ground underneath a table at the Tesla manufacturing plant in urban center.

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He promised “no home ownership” on Twitter last year and continued by selling an extensive portfolio of homes.

“I live in a house for $ 50,000,” he wrote on Twitter in July. Public records show that he registered to vote in Cameron County, Texas, near the coast of Boca Chica, in a house built in 1971 that occupied one-fifth of an acre. The house is owned by Space Exploration Technologies Corp., records show.

In recent months, Mr. Musk and his deputies have teamed up with a number of Austin-based real estate agents to look for trophy real estate in the area, people familiar with the matter have said. His personal financial advisors have sent a number of requests to brokers, including a desire for a large space plot that is currently inaccessible to market real estate as humans.

Mr. Musk personally visited many homes, two people said. According to people, the houses he was interested in were a custom-built mansion owned by the well-known jewelry designer Kendra Scott. Mrs. Scott, who declined to speak through the spokesperson, is open to agreement, but Mr. One person said Musk was not touring the house at many events.

The most important of Mr. Musk, as people sum up in search, is privacy.

People say finding a home is strictly guarded, and many top sellers in Austin say they expect it to remain a secret even when they buy a house. When Austin’s most expensive listed house was sold for nearly $ 39 million earlier this year to a limited liability company in California with a connection to Mr. Musk, the word buzz around that Mr. Musk is a secret buyer.


According to Jonny Jones, he is not a businessman who once owned a house and forced himself to shoot.

Michele Turnquist, a real estate agent who Jones said at the time of the sale that he was still receiving false praise. “Five people said to me, ‘You know, Elon bought your list,’ ma’am. Turnquist. “I told her that if Elon bought my list, I wouldn’t know.”

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