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Deciding where to live at the university? Take a look at this overview of the 50 best student dormitories in the UK as they are viewed by students

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The right choice of where to live in college can mean the difference between a long-lived friendship or the theft of cheese from the fridge.

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Although you are not sure what you will achieve from the above before moving, there are other factors to consider when choosing a university accommodation, such as cost, location and socialism.

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To help with this, StudentCrowd analyzed 10,834 reviews of students and graduates in the classes in which they lived in college.

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The distribution of the total score in each of the halls is based on the following criteria (the number of cheese thieves unfortunately is not one of them – but it is still a useful guide):

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It’s worth the money
management procedures
Common space / Common space
Social activity / event
WiFiStudents were asked to rate their seals between one to five stars for each of these behaviors.

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All 10 top universities are located in the Midlands, in the north of England and Scotland, with only a handful of universities in London and the south ranking in the top 50. Interesting universities in the south include the University of Reading, the University of Exeter and the University of Bath.

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