Husteem Villa Deeds House

Husteem Villa Deeds House
In these generations, the building was built on three floors to serve as House Husteem sales offices, where tenants or Husteems tenants could come to talk. It is richly decorated, equipped with a rich clientele from afar, allows Husteem to relax and dine in style. Now that Husteems maintains an official whose job it is to look for clients instead of waiting for them to come to them, Deed House is being used as Evendur Husteem’s personal residence, a reward for his contributions to family development.
First floor

Husteem Villa Deeds House 1

Porte Cochere entrance: Covered entrance, wide enough to park the carriage under the entrance and allow passengers to get out without being exposed to rain or snow.

Husteem Villa Deeds House 2
Entrance hall: Large entrance hall with a large antique carpet and a chandelier hung at the top. The arched doors lead to each other and lead to the clerk’s offices and salons. Opposite the entrance is a large staircase and through its center leads a “tunnel” to the back of the house.

Husteem Villa Deeds House 3
Officer’s Offices: A series of small offices, ten feet on one side, where clerks once worked outside. Upstairs in the hall is a door to a set of stirrups.

Husteem Villa Deeds House 4
Salons: Several large salons where clients always wait. Upstairs in the hall is a door to a set of stirrups.
Master’s Office: Large, formal office with a gray corner, mostly reserved for landlords. Several magic books were brought to record Evendur’s proverbs and the beginning of his library. Evendurs Library
Husteem Villa Deeds House 5
Permanent Defense: Arcane locks on doors and two windows.
Temporary Defense Works: An alarm spell set in a room that activates silently when someone outside Evendur arrives. Kitchen: Large kitchen with a small triangular pantry in one corner and a maid staircase to the service room on the second floor. It has a large ashtray for cooking and a small door to an outdoor alley.
Dining room: Very large and formal dining room with gray corner.
Library: A suitably sized library with a gray corner.
Second floor
Husteem Villa Deeds House 6
Guest rooms: Four guest rooms, each with corner fireplaces. Guest bathrooms: Guests have two bathrooms, each opens with a dressing room, with arched doors to the actual bathrooms, in the corner are gray.
Servant Quarters & Bath: The part of the house above the kitchen has four small rooms for servants with enough dignity to have their own bedrooms. There is a small “common room”, including a large waste bin for cooking and stairs leading to the attic for servants on the third floor.
Third Floor

Husteem Villa Deeds House 7

Master’s Suite: This set of bedrooms includes a study, a bedroom, a dressing room and a dressing room and has an open door to the bathroom shared with the ladies’ suite. It also has a set of double doors leading to the boudoir. Women’s Suite: The women’s suite has a walk-in closet and wardrobe, a bedroom and an open door to the shared bathroom, plus a set of double doors in the boudoir between the women’s suite and the gentlemen.

Husteem Villa Deeds House 8
Boudoir & Shared Bath: Between the men’s and women’s suites there is a shared bathroom in their two dressing rooms and a private boudoir.
Kindergarten: The kindergarten opens from the stairs to the playroom, where children can learn and play, large L-shaped kindergartens with cots and beds for toddlers, two doors to small private rooms for older children, bathrooms and nannies. Room, room.
Attic storage space: Large central bedroom with multi-generational value antique furniture and occasional chests of drawers or chests of drawers.

Husteem Villa Deeds House 9
Garret for servants: Large space on the floor with beds while the house watches the influx of servants. It is often used as a warehouse for household items that are widely used by servants, such as laundry.

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