Circa Old Houses Is So Expensive Price

For anyone who wants to redirect their content from Joanna and Chip Gaines, you are in luck. Thanks to, a real estate website similar to Zillow, designed exclusively for older and very cheap high-rise home repairmen, consumers now have instant access to a range of stylish homes around the country that desperately need TLC.

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The website was created by Elizabeth Finkelstein, a resident of Hudson Valley, New York, who first became interested in older homes after growing up in the Greek Revival fixation. For years, Finkelstein saw his parents working hard to restore the house to its former glory.

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“Before my parents bought this house, it was a property where other potential buyers couldn’t even get out of the car when they saw it,” Finkelstein said. is designed to be easy to use and also has powerful social media features that will reach your audience wherever they are: browsing the web, on mobile devices and through newsletters.

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via e-mail. A new instagram source with the appropriate name @ Cheapoldhouses- has just been launched and contains current lists of old houses around the country, price tags and everything. “This instagram account is the result of love and obsession,” Finkelstein said.

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This autumn, Finkelstein will also launch a free mobile app where consumers can view and access ads from cheap old homes. Finkelstein and his team even created a digital magazine with stories and ideas aimed at fans and homeowners. New features include a collection of 35 beautiful historic homes under $ 50,000 and a video of his favorite interior colors for older homes.

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If you don’t have the money to spend on real estate, there is now a running list of vacant homes available across the country. On his website, instagram channel and upcoming Finklestein application, he says: “I want it to be fun. Old houses sell as old and full and don’t have a nice name.”

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While his interest is aimed primarily at young consumers and millennials, the site is intended for anyone interested in honoring, celebrating or repairing their old home.
“Home is an expression of who you are,” Finkelstein said. “And in this DIY culture, old houses really come in handy. They need to be built on a fun pedestal that they deserve.”

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