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In this arid terrain, sandwiched between the Santa Cruz / Pedro Plains Mountains and the shores of St Elizabeth, there is a sleepy neighborhood known as Old Wharf.
Here we find a desolate, secluded house, frozen in time, representing many of the colonial architectural elements lost in contemporary dwellings. It is a charming cottage, bringing memories of a lost piece of ancient Jamaica.

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The house, designed and finished with minimal concrete, is dominated by ecological wooden building materials invented in the 17th century known as shingles. This aesthetically pleasing element comfortably cozys the residents in their homely, peaceful atmosphere. The majestic climb above the double doors at the entrance reveals a dome (whose origins date back to the eighth century) – a small crowned “house” that marks the roof line. This ensures constant ventilation inside and allows the sun’s rays to shine through.

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Nostalgia is also given by the intricate cut, decorative ornaments or the famous gingerbread edging that adorns the gable roof. This type of decoration has its origins in buildings about 3000 years ago. Take a closer look at the game on the stained zinc roof; façade walls that stand in front of the main walls and support the wooden columns, highlighted in yellow-green and blue. The structure lifts the ground like old Caribbean houses by supporting the structure, interior, insects, etc. Calabash Bay beach is just three minutes away.

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Everything is covered with a beautiful floral, landscape element, reminiscent of beautiful English gardens from the 18th century, where nature and art are friends.
The interior – with hardwood floors (above the concrete), with wooden ceilings and light-painted walls (with all visible beams and drawings) – has two bedrooms (with developed Nasa, plush body, memory foam mattresses for complete night’s rest. two bathrooms (with showers outside in the sky). The kitchen / dining room is followed by a seating area that hides the laundry room.

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The furniture around (from photos taken in old houses) was rather handmade by local furniture makers using the painting technique used to create that old (sad) look.
Now let’s take the owner of Tiu, born in Jamaica, and her husband, born in Italy, Paola Del Grande. Together they designed and designed this dream environment.

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Here’s the story: Tia, a real estate manager, likes to take pictures of old houses and is devastated when one breaks down. Paolo is a former fishing tour operator who draws photographs. These two pastimes result in the construction of this three-year-old hut, which is a tribute to the standing or destroyed houses of our distant past.

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Almost 2,000 years ago, the Roman architect and theorist Vitruvius described one of the principles of architecture: not only to provide shelter, but to elevate the human mind. This is still true today, here at this Treasure Beach residence.

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