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Welcome to the Hamilton-Van Wagoner Museum.
We hope to give you a stimulating look into the past. The way back in time and place – not only to see, but to feel what our ancestors lived. The museum reflects the growth of our country with all courage, imagination and strength.

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We hope you enjoy your walk in the footsteps of history with pictures of six rooms arranged at different times showing the length of time and the pattern of early life. As a lively active museum, we invite you to walk in the footsteps of history.

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About the house
This 18th-century Dutch penthouse was once home to the Van Wagoner and Hamilton families. The basic floor plan of the house does not differ much from its Dutch ancestors.

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The rugged, one-and-a-half-story sandstone structure, surrounded by a granary, spring, and gardens, marks nearly two hundred years of American history. It brings memories of a rugged landscape with fields, courtyards, lush streams, forests full of wildlife and full of wild flowers.

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Hamilton House and Clifton Community
Although the city of Clifton was annexed in 1917, the community has existed since 1679. Before 1917, this area was known as the Acquackanonk Township and includes parts of:

Little Falls
West Paterson
Indian Chief Captahem gave 11,000 acres to the first Dutch settlers on the banks of the Passaic River. This small village population flourished and grew mostly in the countryside.

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The farm was introduced to the city of Clifton by developers owned by the late Harry Hamilton. The Hamilton family bought a 96-acre property in 1856 and for more than 100 years until Mr. Death’s death. Hamilton in 1970, it was a family home.

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Current location and plans for the future
The house was moved to its current location in Surgent Park in 1973. Eternal plans were made along with an inspection and documentation of the building’s structural elements. Much research has been done, including the records and fond memories of Miss Caroline Hamilton, such as:


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